Sarasota Tree Services: Removal, Trimming, & Grinding Cost Guide

How Much Do Tree Services Cost in Sarasota?

Sarasota, Florida is home to a number of native plants and trees, but those trees can wreak havoc on your life. Even with proper maintenance, trees and shrubs may grow onto or near power lines, and the roots of other plants may disrupt underground water and utility lines. Hiring a professional tree removal company is one of the best ways to ensure you take care of the problem without causing any damages to those utility lines.

North Tree Removal Costs - Average Price to Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The average cost of removing a tree in Sarasota is $760. The minimum cost reported by homeowners living in the city was $200, and the maximum cost reported by homeowners was $1,200. Sarasota residents spend a median amount between $620 and $910. Most find that the cost depends on the size of the tree and its proximity to power lines or other objects.

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

Stumps left in your yard are potential hazards for your family, but removing a stump yourself is a time consuming process. Sarasota homeowners pay between $81.65 and $136.82 for a professional removal company to come in and grind down a larger stump. The cost of grinding down a smaller stump may cost around $76.76 or less.

Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Sarasota

Trimming and pruning the trees and shrubs around your home is a simple way to maintain the vegetation and extend the life of your outdoor trees and shrubs. The average price that homeowners in Sarasota pay for trimming and pruning is $462, but the price can range from a low of $100 to a high of more than $1,000. The majority of people living in the city pay between $372 and $552.

Sarasota Tree Facts & FAQs

Sarasota, Florida, experiences warm temperatures and a slightly tropical climate year-round. While some plants and trees thrive in this type of environment, others cannot survive the high temperatures. Many homeowners look at the regulations in the city regarding the type of trees allowed and at the species that do best in the environment before adding any new landscaping features to their yards.

Sarasota Tree Service Tips and Regulations

Before removing a single tree from your yard, you must make sure that you can legally remove that tree. Those living in Sarasota must first obtain a copy of Form B110 online or from the Building & Zoning Division in the city. Applicants must list the type of tree they want to remove, the diameter of the trunk, a site plan that shows the location of the home, the location of the tree and a reason for the removal of that tree. You can prune and remove trees and shrubs all year long, but the best time for removing those trees is in the winter when the trees lose some of their leaves and dead spots are more noticeable.

Sarasota regulations require that homeowners complete a permit before removing or trimming a tree within the city limits. Certain types of mangrove trees, including the buttonwood mangrove and white mangrove, are protected under the law. The city may also prohibit residents from removing other types of protected trees, including royal palm and date palm trees of a certain dimension.

Common Trees

Red mapleThe sabal palm, also known as Sabal palmetto, became the state tree of Florida in 1953. Later added to the state seal, the palm tree is native to the area. Some of other trees that are common to the region include the:

  • Black mangrove
  • Sand pine
  • Yellow pine
  • Myrtle oak
  • Turkey oak
  • Red maple
  • Swamp dogwood
  • Ironwood
  • Canary Island date palm
  • Pygmy date palm
  • Live oak

Papaya, banana, lemon, lime, orange and persimmon trees are just a few types of fruit trees that also thrive in the Sarasota area. One of the largest trees found in Florida is an orange geiger tree, but other trees that grow to tall heights in the area include the papaya and balsam apple tree. The pygmy date palm is the shortest tree found in Florida, and some varieties are shorter than an adult.

Diseases & Difficult to Maintain Trees

Laurel oakCommon tree diseases affect wild and cultivated trees throughout the state. Algal leaf spot, also known as green scurf, is diagnosed by green and brown spots on trees, and it most commonly affects avocado and live oak trees. Powdery mildew, pitch canker, sooty mold and marginal leaf scorch are some of the other problems that affect trees in Sarasota. Those diseases can kill a once thriving tree and even spread to other shrubs and trees. Knowing the signs of those diseases can help you keep an eye on the health of your trees.

Despite having a long growing season and experiencing warm temperatures, not all types of trees flourish in the Sarasota climate. Adding the wrong trees to your landscaping might leave you facing dead trees and dying plants within your yard. A few of the most difficult trees to maintain in Sarasota include the Australian pine, laurel oak, mahogany and ficus. The Australian pine has shallow roots that don’t withstand the high winds that occur during storms and hurricanes. The tree can also spread its roots throughout your yard and kill neighboring plants and trees. The laurel oak and the ficus can also fall over during storms and do extreme damage to local homes. The mahogany has deep roots and grows to tall heights, which can disrupt the natural balance of your lawn.

Plant Hardiness Zones in Florida

Here is the Florida plant hardiness zone map, as provided by the USDA:
Florida plant hardiness zones

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