Tree & Stump Removal Services in Bremerton

How Much Do Tree Services Cost in Bremerton?

Located on the banks of the Puget Sound, Bremerton is a scenic and humid environment with plenty of greenery. While homeowners and residents love the lush surroundings, it translates into lots of care required for trees in the area. Use this guide to get a better understanding of the most common tree services in Bremerton, Washington, as well as the average prices for each.

Bremerton Tree Removal Costs - Average Price to Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Bremerton?

Certain trees may need to be removed because they pose a threat to your home, or they may simply be unattractive on your property. Either way, the best course of action is to hire professionals to cut down and remove the tree entirely. Large trees will require an entire crew, which will drive up the price. On average, homeowners should expect to pay between $830 and $1,082, which is slightly above the national average for tree removal costs. If you would like to have the wood chopped and kept as firewood, something quite common in the Pacific Northwest, expect to have slightly higher costs overall.

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost in Bremerton?

Stumps can be a danger as well as an eyesore, but removing them requires large grinders that are best left to professionals. The average cost of having a professional comes to your property and grind away a large tree stump is $149 in Bremerton.

Average Costs of Tree Maintenance in Bremerton

In late November, after the leaves are gone from the trees in Washington, many homeowners decide to have their trees trimmed or branches cut before winter. On average, the cost of this service runs between $472 and $664, but the total price will depend on how many total trees need work.

Bremerton Tree Facts & FAQ

Bremerton, Washington is a sizable city near Seattle. In order to keep the green landscape of the area looking lush and verdant, there are a number of restrictions and regulations in place for property owners. Read on to discover more about how to care for trees in Bremerton, what the best options are for growth in this region and other related tree information you might find handy.

Tree Removal Regulations in Bremerton

If you have any trees over one foot in height that are encroaching a public road or sidewalk, they need to be removed per the Bremerton Municipal Code. Similarly, any trees or shrubs that block off a fire exit may need to be removed. Beyond that, however, homeowners are free to remove trees on their own private property without the need for a permit.

Puget Sound Energy, the main energy provider to Bremerton, has a few guidelines for homeowners. The first is not to plant trees near their green metal transformer boxes, which house underground power lines. They also recommend that homeowners don’t plant trees directly below any overhead power lines. If trees need to be trimmed when they encroach overhead lines, Puget Sound Energy will prune or trim at no cost to you.

Best Time of Year to Remove Trees in Washington

If you do decide to remove trees on your property, the ideal time to do it is before the first frost. When the ground freezes, as it can do occasionally in Bremerton, removing the roots of large trees is nearly impossible and will cost substantially more. In contrast, tree removal companies may be very busy in the summer, so the best time of year is generally in the autumn.

Growing Trees in Bremerton

Trident mapleThe Center for Urban Forest Research, a sector of the USDA, has some helpful guidelines on the best and worst trees to grow in the area. Cottonwoods are not recommended because of their expansive roots, and ginkgos grow too slowly and don’t provide enough shade. Example of easy and attractive trees to grow in the region’s climate include the following:Dove tree
  • Trident maple (Acer buergeranum)
  • White Redbud (Cercis canadenis)
  • Dove Tree (Davidia involucrata)
  • Paperback Maple (Acer griseum)

Pests and diseases are both problems affecting many of the trees in Bremerton. Fruit trees are most vulnerable to codling moths and the apple maggot, which thrive in the maritime climate. Diseases to pay attention to include sudden oak death and white pine blister rust.

Most Popular Trees to Spot Around Bremerton

Capable of growing up to 200 feet tall, the western hemlock is a common sight in Bremerton as well as much of the coastal region in Washington. The western hemlock is an evergreen tree, which means that it retains its deep green color year-round, and it can live to be up to a whopping 1,200 years old.

The most common trees that grow in and around Bremerton are the ones that are native to the area. These include:

  • Western hemlock
  • Douglas fir
  • Western red cedar
  • Black cottonwood
  • Red alder
  • Pacific madrone

If you want to spot one of the biggest trees in Washington, head to nearby Snohomish County to spot the bigleaf maple that received an amazing 550 points from the National Register of Big Trees, part of the American Forests Organization. The smallest trees in Bremerton might be bonsai trees, the most valuable of which is a Hinoki cypress dwarf worth an astounding $20,000 and located in a Bremerton nursery.

Plant Hardiness Zones in Washington

Here are the plant hardiness zones for Washington as provided by the USDA:

Image Sources:
Trident maple
Dove tree

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