Guide to Tree Cutting Prices

tree cutting prices

What is the Cost of Cutting Down a Tree?

If there’s one job that you shouldn’t attempt to handle yourself, it’s cutting down a tree. Unless you have actual training as an arborist and own the right equipment, it’s always best to hire a professional company to cut down a tree for you. Before doing so, you should educate yourself about typical tree cutting prices. The cost to cut down a tree depends on a variety of different factors. You can spend as little as $125, or you could end up spending around $1,500 or more. Learn about the main factors that affect tree cutting costs below.

Tree Sizes

The size of the tree in question plays a large role in how much you’ll pay to have it removed. For example:

  • Small Trees up to 30 Feet in Height – $125 to $450
  • Medium Trees between 30 and 60 Feet in Height – $175 to $950
  • Large Trees between 60 and 80 Feet in Height – $400 to $1,100
  • Extra-Large Trees between 80 and 100 Feet in Height – $1,000 to $1,500 or more.

Tree Trunk Diameter

The diameter of the trunk of the tree that needs to be cut down may also affect the total price. After all, it’s quicker and easier to cut down a tree with a narrow trunk than it is to cut down one with a wide trunk. Why? Well, if it isn’t already obvious, a tree’s trunk size is almost always an indicator of how large the whole tree is. The diameter of a tree trunk can be an easy way to communicate the overall size of a tree and get an accurate quote. Keep in mind however, that if the tree is diseased or rotted then the trunk diameter is not the only major factor.

What’s Typically Included in the Price?

As far as the prices above go, the total tree cutting cost should include cutting the tree down to a small stump, chipping and hauling away its branches and chopping its trunk into manageable sections. However, you may pay more for some of those services. A few things that can add to the total bill include:

  • Stump Grinding – If you’d like the stump to be removed as well, a stump grinder will be needed. You’ll pay up to $300 extra for a large stump and up to $80 for a small one. Read these other guides to learn more about how much it costs to grind a stump and other stump removal costs.
  • Branch Chipping and Hauling – Some companies don’t include branch chipping or hauling. You may pay an extra $70 to $150 per hour to have the branches chipped, and you can expect to pay an extra $50 or so to have the chips hauled away.
  • Haul Away Trunk Wood – After the trunk has been cut into sections, you can have it hauled away. However, you will pay up to $350 more to have it done.
  • Wood Splitting – Some companies will split the trunk wood up for you. You will probably pay between $100 and $200 more for this service.

If the tree is near an obstacle, a worker will have to climb up it and rope it down in individual pieces. That service will likely also cost more. If the arborists have to come from out of the area, you’ll also have to pay more for drive time and mileage. This is especially true if you’re grinding the stump because stump grinders are not easily transportable. Remember that the utility company should handle it for you if the tree is growing dangerously close to power lines.

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  1. Benjamin Bradford

    Looking for a quote on cutting down four trees that approx 40ft tall. The area where they can fall is aout 20ft wide in between a house and a shed.
    Looking to have branches cut off and hauled but can keep the lumber from the actual tree. Looking to have the stumps removed also.



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