How Much Does it Cost to Remove Trees & Stumps in Greeley?

How Much Do Tree Services Cost in Greeley?

Residents of Greeley, Colorado take pride in their shade trees. It is a matter of both curb appeal and city law to maintain your trees, and have them removed when it is necessary. The following article explores tree service pricing in Greeley, discussing average costs, and the factors that shape the final bill.

Greeley Tree Removal Costs - Average Price to Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs

Tree Removal Cost
The price of a basic tree removal has a lot to do with the characteristics of the tree to be removed, including its height, location and physical condition. The tallest trees, those in awkward locations or blocked by an obstacle, and trees that have suffered serious damage or disease will cost homeowners the most money. The average cost for removing a tree or shrub in Greeley, Colorado is about $215, based on the reports of residents. Most will spend in the ballpark of approximately $175 to $255, but for large and complex removal jobs, the sum could be as high as $415. You can expect to pay even more if you have a tree that is 75 feet high or taller.

Stump Removal Cost
Stump removal is a necessary step after having a tree cut down. The size and diameter of the stump factor into the price of removal as well as its age, soil conditions, rootstock and woody toughness. Larger stumps, rocky soil and dense root systems inflate the overall price. If the stump is very old, however, it will be easier to remove and thus cost less. On average, it costs between $78 and $140 to have a sizable stump removed and ground up by a professional.

Tree Maintenance Cost in Greeley
Tree maintenance may include, for example, trimming and pruning, fertilization, and crown cleaning. The average cost for a tree maintenance service is about $325. The majority of Greeley residents report spending in the range of $270 to $380, with the highest-priced services costing as much as $800.

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