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Plants, flowers and trees all have an important role in our world. They provide us with food, beauty, shade and even a place for animals to live. In addition, healthy plants, flowers and trees are important because they are part of the carbon cycle and by taking in carbon dioxide they emit oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Because of the importance of plants, people need to be aware of the health of plant life. One of the areas of science that deals with plants, flowers and trees is the study of botany.

Botany can be described in general terms as the scientific study of plants and plant life. Botany has been a field of study for centuries and ancient documentation has been dated back to the Babylonian time period. Over the course of history, the field of botany has been studied by noted botanists such as Luther Burbank, George Washington Carver, Barbara McClintock and Joseph Banks.

While botany deals with the scientific study of the world of plants and trees, there are many different specific areas of study. They include anatomy, genetics, ethnobotany, paleobotany, physiology, forestry, horticulture and much more. Each area of study has an important role in the field of botany.

To learn more about the scientific world of botany and the work of the botanists, please review the following information:

  • What is Botany? – Definition of the study of botany from the Botanical Society of America.
  • Botany Terms – Informative page which defines many of the terms used in the field of botany.
  • Glossary of Botanical Terms – Useful page which lists many of the more common botanical terms.
  • History of a Science – Information on the origins of the study of plants.
  • Photosynthesis – Article which provides a look at the role of plants in the carbon cycle.
  • Botany Timeline – Helpful page with a chronological listing of major events in botany.
  • Timeline of Botany – Page with a listing of major events in the field of botany.
  • History of Gardening – Timeline of information on gardening organized by centuries.
  • Botany: A Blooming History – Web page from the BBC which provides information on the television series covering the history of botany.
  • Botany Basics – Useful web page with information on various topics introducing people to botany.
  • Famous Botanists – Article with basic information on noted botanists.
  • Botanists – Useful web page with biographical information on botanists and plant collectors.
  • Luther Burbank – Profile of the noted American horticulturist.
  • George Washington Carver – Informative page on the work of the famous botanist and his research on peanuts.
  • Barbara McClintock – Information on the scientist who worked on the genetics of plants.
  • Joseph Banks – Helpful page on the British botanist and his work.
  • Botany Information – General information about botany and the study of plants
  • Study of Botany – Web page with information on the various areas of study in the field.
  • USDA Plants Database – U.S. Department of Agriculture page with information on plants of the United States.
  • Anatomy – Page which provides information on plant anatomy as a field of study in botany.
  • Genetics – Helpful page which provides information on the difference between plant breeding and plant genetics.
  • Paleobotany – Web page which describes the work of a paleobotanist and the study of fossil plants in rocks.
  • Ethnobotany – Informative page of the field of study in botany of native plants of various cultures.
  • Physiology – Collection of information and resources on botany and plant physiology.
  • Horticulture – Useful portal of information on the field of study related to plants.
  • Botany Resources – Information and resources from the Library of Congress related to the field of botany.
  • Selected Botany Web Sites – Resourceful page with a number of pages about the scientific field of botany.
  • Botany Resources – University of Texas web page with a wide range of reference sites about botany.
  • Botanical Links – Informative page from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History with links and information on botany.
  • Botany Links – Harvard University informative page with information about the scientific field of study related to botany.
  • Learn About Plants – Page with information and resources for Middle School aged children to learn about plants.
  • Botany Resources for Kids – Kid-friendly site with games, activities and information to learn about the field of botany.

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