Orlando Tree Services: Local Removal, Trimming, Grinding, and Cost Information

How Much Do Tree Services Cost in Orlando?

It’s easy to think that taking care of a tree stump or pruning trees is something that can be taken care of at home, but as an increasing number of homeowners discover, it is not as easy at it seems. Orlando, FL, is home to many companies that specialize in tree services. This article will cover some of the services and the associated costs that you can expect.

Orlando tree removal costs

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The cost of tree removal in Orlando, FL, varies between $150 and $1,100, with the average being $520. Tree services are available throughout Orlando, FL. A quick search will help you find a reputable vendor to assist you with your lawn care needs.

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

Grinding a tree stump costs between $77 and $140. There are two ways to dispose of dead tree stump: removing the stump completely or grinding it to the ground. While grinding is a straightforward – and cheaper – process, complete stump removal can eliminate the tree’s elaborate root system, which exists underground and out of view.

Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Orlando

Depending on the size of your tree or shrub, pruning costs range between $95 and $737. Trimming trees and shrubs helps them to stay lush and beautiful. Pruning shrubs promotes new growth and keeps shrubs and trees healthy.

Orlando Tree Facts & FAQs

Beautifying your home and lawn is a practice that many homeowners enjoy. Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in our nation, so it makes sense that there would be numerous resources available to tap into for learning about trees and shrubs in a given area. Orlando, FL, is no different. There are many interesting facts a curious homeowner can learn from just a little bit of research.

Tree Trimming and Removal Tips

There may be some things you are not aware of when it comes to tree trimming and removal in Orlando, FL. Homeowners are responsible for trimming trees on or over private property. This regulation extends to trees that may be rooted in city property or even on a neighbor’s property. If you want to remove a tree from your property, the Tree Code Inspector will have to make a trip to your residence to assess the tree, and a permit will be required if it is larger than 4 inches in diameter at chest height. A permit fee of $25 per tree is required. The homeowner is then responsible for having the tree removed.

November through January is generally a tree’s dormant stage. It is prudent to find businesses that work year-round to take advantage of the timeframe for tree removal or trimming. Tree care is important to the health of your trees. Trimming and pruning, orchestrating growth and nourishment are all important to keeping your tree healthy.

Fun Tree Facts

MurcottThe state tree for Orlando, FL, is the cabbage palmetto (Sabal palmetto). In fact, this tree has the distinction of being the state tree for two states: Florida and South Carolina. The blades of the Cabbage Palmetto leaf can grow up to 5 feet long. It grows in almost any soil and can reach up to 80 feet high. The Cabbage Palmetto blooms beautiful white flowers in mid-summer and black, pea-sized fruit in the fall. You an find this tree on the state seal. Other popular trees in Orlando include:

  • Royal palms (Roystonea oleracer): also called the Cuban Royal Palm as well, it can grow up to 100 feet. Their incredibly thick trunks do well against the harsh Florida hurricanes.
  • Laurel oak (Quercus laurifolia): found all over Florida and used as an ornamental tree, it produces a fair amount of acorns.
  • Longleaf pine (Pinus palustris): can live for 300 years, and it takes half of that time to reach its full height of 100 feet.
  • Murcott (Citrus reticulata): a honey tangerine tree popular with orange growers, it produces juicy, sweet fruit between January and March.

The palm tree thrives well in Orlando’s climate. Most persimmons, many types of citrus and Brogdin avocado trees do well in Orlando as well.

Royal palm

Tallest Tree in Orlando

The tallest tree in Orlando is the Royal Palm. At one time, Orlando was home to The Senator, a bald cypress estimated at 3,500 years old, making it one of the oldest trees in the world. The behemoth stood at 125 feet. In 2012, it succumbed to a fire.

Common Tree Diseases

There are many diseases that can plague Orlando trees. Here are some tree diseases to keep an eye out for:
Armillaria root rot (stringy butt rot or white root rot): a string-like thread appears on the infected tissue and can live for decades on a host plant. It will also infect healthy trees through root contact.

Cankers: these are dead areas of bark that are found on the trunk, branches or twigs of a tree.

Rhizosphaera needle cast: this disease causes significant damage to non-native trees. It is best to routinely contact an arborist to assess the health of your trees.

Plant Hardiness Zones in Florida

Here are the plant hardiness zones for Florida as provided by the USDA:
Florida plant hardiness zones

Image Sources:
Royal Palm

Local Tree Services in Orlando


Featured Tree Services in Orlando

Beaver Tree Service, Inc.

Phone: (407) 990-2000
Service Areas: Orlando, Windermere, Dr Phillips, Winter Park, Maitland
Website: http://www.beavertreeorlando.com/

Stewart’s Tree Pro

Phone: (386) 866-2615
Service Areas: Volusia County
Services Offered: Tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding/removal
Website: http://www.portorangetreeremoval.com/

Crown Tree Care Removal and Tree Services

218 W Michigan St
Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 422-8800
Serving : Lake Holden, South Orange

A-1 Arborists Tree Service

6703 Mills Rd
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 295-1705
Serving : Rosemont

A-1 Arborists Tree Service

2315 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 894-8855
Serving : Downtown Orlando, Fern Creek

Tree Work Now

424 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 416-2704
Serving : Downtown Orlando, South Eola

Jay's Quality Tree Service

7125 Edgewater Dr
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 880-2221
Serving : Rosemont

Beaver Tree Service

2730 Shute St
Orlando, FL 32805
(407) 990-2000

Mark Hawley's Tree Service

14642 Liberty St
Orlando, FL 32826
(407) 394-8666

Brooks Quality Tree Service

4316 Riverside Park Rd
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 898-6461
Serving : Rosemont

Seay Tree Service

4885 Clarion Dr
Orlando, FL 32808
(407) 298-2262
Serving : Rosemont

A Final Cut Tree Service

7211 Mott Ave
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 914-3282
Serving : Rosemont

Precision 1 Tree Services

1725 S Oxalis Ave
Orlando, FL 32807
(407) 936-4563
Serving : Lake Fredrica

Arbor Ridge Tree Service

9642 Winder Trl
Orlando, FL 32817
(407) 677-8303

Brooks Quality Tree Service

1123 Morris Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 401-2338
Serving : Colonialtown North, Downtown Orlando

ABB Tree Service

829 Linton Ave
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 808-0949

Bam Trees

6550 Forest City Rd
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 234-3792
Serving : Rosemont

Devine's Tree Service

2620 E Jersey Ave
Orlando, FL 32806
(321) 354-5433
Serving : Lake Terrace

Robert Storey Tree Service

9642 Winder Trl
Orlando, FL 32817
(407) 677-8303

Trinity Tree Service Of Florida

1902 Alden Rd
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 930-9266
Serving : Downtown Orlando, Lake Formosa

Competitive Tree Service

2606 E Crystal Lake Ave
Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 970-7433
Serving : Lake Terrace

Cole Tree Service

4740 Hoffner Ave
Orlando, FL 32812
(407) 242-8733
Serving : Conway

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