Plant a Tree in Honor of Arbor Day

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)
Trees play a vital role in our world. Not only do they provide beauty, but also provide shade, food to eat, a place for animals to stay and much more. Because of the importance of trees it has become important for people to realize the value and to protect the future of trees. As with all natural resources, we need to be sure not to abuse them so that they remain a part of our lives for generations to come.

While Arbor Day is a worldwide event, the first Arbor Day in America occurred on April 10, 1872. This event was organized by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City, Nebraska in the United States. During the event a million trees were planted as a way of ensuring that trees will be a part of our future. During the subsequent years, the event became a worldwide celebration of trees.

Over the years Arbor Day has become the one day of the year where the value of trees is announced to the world. Events take place around the world, where tree conservation groups plant trees where they can serve communities for years to come. Depending on the climate and planting season, Arbor Day is generally celebrated on the first Friday in April. To learn more about this special day, please feel free to visit the following online locations, and help spread the word about the importance of trees in our world!

What is Arbor Day?

  • Arbor Day – The official site of the Arbor Day Foundation which contains information on the holiday and how to celebrate trees.
  • Arbor Day Information – This web page provides an overview on the holiday.
  • Facts About Arbor Day – In this page from the Farmers Almanac provides basic facts about Arbor Day.
  • Arbor Day Facts – Helpful page with facts and information about the day.
  • Arbor Day to Earth Day – Publication which outlines some of the environmental concerns that have been addressed by special days.

History of Arbor Day

  • The History of Arbor Day – Informative page which contains a historic look at the origins of the day.
  • Arbor Day History – This helpful article from the Morton Arboretum gives a look at the day’s history.
  • Arbor Day – In this page from Texas A&M University, you will learn about the history and ways to celebrate the day.
  • OU Arbor Day – Page from Oklahoma University which looks at the history of the day.
  • A History of Arbor Day – A publication which outlines the origins of the day to celebrate trees.

Tree Conservation

Plant a Tree

Arbor Day for Kids

  • Happy Arbor Day! – This fun and educational page for kids gives a look at the day.
  • Teacher Activities – Web page that contains information and activities that teachers can use in the classroom with students.
  • Arbor Day in the Classroom – Educational page with information and ideas on how to teach about trees in school.
  • Arbor Day Crafts – Useful collection of crafts for kids centered around Arbor Day.
  • Lesson Plans – Collection of lesson plans and ideas that can be used in the classroom.

Additional Resources

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